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Retiree Medical Account (RMA)

The RMA has specific requirements about what can be reimbursed. Expenses that can be reimbursed from the RMA include:

  • Retiree medical premiums through the Medtronic retiree medical plans
  • Retiree medical premiums through another retiree plan (ie, through a spouse’s retiree medical plan)
  • Individual policies
  • Medicare premiums

For those retirees who have an RMA and Medtronic retiree medical coverage, you can elect to have your Medtronic retiree medical coverage paid (in part or in full) from your RMA at the time you retire.

For those retirees who elect to use the RMA to pay for retiree medical coverage through a spouse’s plan, an individual medical policy or Medicare premiums, you must complete and return the form below, along with your supporting documentation showing proof of payment, to WageWorks annually. Please disregard section 3 of the claim form, as “Other Expenses” are not reimbursable under the RMA.